What to Look For in Business Security Cameras: Storage Method

Business security cameras are the main part of our business at Business Security Cameras of Orange County, and so we get plenty of questions about them. We figure it’s time to answer them on our blog, so all this month we’re going to dive into what to look for in business security cameras.

Our topic this week is storage method. What’s the best way to store video from your security cameras?

Available Storage Methods

You can get business security cameras with several different forms of storage. The days of recording to actual tapes are thankfully behind us. Many systems today instead record to hard drives. Other systems record to flash storage of some form (whether removable, USB, or SSD). And some systems also back up video to the cloud or to network storage, offering both redundancy and convenience.

The Right Storage Method Depends on Usage and Budget

The choice that’s right for your business depends on both usage and budget. If your business has a need to store lots of video for a very long time, you’ll want a system that backs up to network storage. Swapping empty hard drives in for full ones (and finding a way to catalog and store loose drives) is not something you want to be dealing with, that’s for sure.

If you plan to overwrite video after a certain period of time goes by, you’ll want to select a system that writes to hard drive or flash storage. Be certain that the actual drives or flash storage that you choose are high quality and long lasting.

If you’re looking to access footage on the go, you’ll need a system that uploads to the cloud. (We’ll discuss this in greater detail in a future post.)


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