2 Unexpected Places Small Businesses Should Cover with Security Cameras

If you’re a small business, you’re in the habit of making strategic decisions. You need every bit of capital you can save to keep growing and investing in your business. You may not have the budget or the resources of larger businesses.

You certainly can’t match every aspect of what corporate chain stores are doing. (Of course, there’s a lot that you’re doing better than them when it comes to personalized service, passion and customer care!)

This reality extends to your business security setup. You can’t afford the kind of blanket coverage that the big box stores have. You have to be more strategic.

At Business Security Cameras of Orange County, we want to help you make sure you’ve got all your bases covered. Here are a couple unexpected places that you may want to make sure you’ve got covered with security cameras.

Employee Break Rooms

When you’re considering where to place business security cameras, the employee break area may not be your first thought. After all, not just anyone should be back there, and it’s a relatively low-traffic area.

But if you look at both those facts a different way, the security need should become clear. First, not just anyone should be back there. What happens when someone who shouldn’t be there goes in anyways? Having the person on video acts as a deterrent, and it gives you something to work with should something happen.

Second, it’s a relatively low-traffic area . . . but in many businesses this area is full of high-value items, like purses, bags and equipment.

Aesthetic Spaces

Does your business have a lobby or other gathering place with some aesthetic draw? You might think since there’s no merchandise or exchange of money that going camera-free in this space is OK. But consider the possibility of vandalism or even an escalated dispute between guests. A well-placed security camera serves as a strong deterrent in aesthetic places.


Internet Connected Security Cameras? Pros and Cons

In the past few decades, security camera technology has seen some major progress. Video quality has improved, as has hardware quality and durability. Storage has improved, too. The days of recording to VHS or other tape formats are mostly gone now, replaced by hard drives, solid state storage and even cloud storage.

Connectivity is another area where we’ve seen innovation. In addition to single standalone camera systems and older legacy camera networks, businesses today also have the option of choosing camera systems that are connected to the internet.

But are internet-connected security cameras always the best idea? At Business Security Cameras of Orange County, we stock both types, and we’re happy to give you an unbiased comparison.

Pros of Internet-Connected Security Cameras

The pros of internet-connected security cameras are all about access and control. Do you need to pull up your feeds from off property? With an internet-connected system, you can. If the cameras in your system are motorized, you may even be able to control where they’re pointing from a distance.

The same goes for accessing archived footage. With the proper credentials you can do this from anywhere.

Potential Cons of Internet-Connected Security Cameras

First off, connecting your security camera system to the internet does increase the possibility of your system being compromised. No, you’re not statistically very likely to come under a Hollywood-style hack attack, but the possibility of compromise is present. What’s more, the attackers wouldn’t need physical access to your premises.

Another con (or potential con) is how the camera handles internet outages. What happens to footage when local storage is full and cloud backup isn’t working? The best systems have redundancies built in, so be sure to discuss this with your installer.

The truth is, most of the potential downsides are either minimal risks or have been solved in higher-end systems. For most businesses, there’s no reason not to choose an internet-connected security system.


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