Connecting Your Business Security Cameras to a Smart Assistant

We live in the age of smart technology. Everything seems to come in a smart variant these days: smart refrigerators, smart lightbulbs, and yes, even smart security cameras.

But what does it mean exactly for a device like a security camera to be “smart”? And is it possible to connect your business security cameras to a smart assistant, like Siri or Google or Alexa?

The team at Experience Audio Video understands technology, smart and otherwise. So in today’s blog post we’re going to break down the basics of connecting your business security cameras to a smart assistant.

Why Connect Business Security Cameras to a Smart Assistant?

First off, let’s talk about why you might want to connect business security cameras to a smart assistant. Ease and availability of use are top on the list. With your cameras connected to a smart assistant, you can give your cameras basic commands from a remote device like your phone. You may even be able to control your cameras with your voice!

This makes especially good sense if you’re already embracing smart technology in other areas. If you’re controlling your lights, music and HVAC from your tablet, why not access your security feeds as well?

To Use Smart Tech, You Need the Right Cameras

First off, your cameras aren’t going to interface with a smart assistant without certain capabilities. At minimum, they need to be internet connected (or feed into a system that is). Best case scenario is installing business security cameras that are designed with smart features built right in. Cameras like these will be the easiest to integrate with your smart assistant.

Specific Details Vary, But We Can Help

The specific details of how to connect each brand of security camera to each smart assistant are going to vary, and it’d be impossible to outline every possibility here. But the good news is we can help you in person! Schedule a consult today, and we’ll help you understand what steps to take to connect your system to your smart assistant.


Best Practices: Where NOT to Install Business Security Cameras

Today’s post is all about NOT installing business security cameras. This may seem a little bit counterintuitive, considering that this is the Business Security Cameras of Orange County blog and we’re pretty invested in convincing you that installing them is a good idea. But hear us out: there are some places where it’s really not a good idea to install business security cameras.

Tip #1: Avoid Anywhere with Expectation of Privacy

In today’s world people have an expectation to a certain level of privacy. When you violate the norms of privacy—even if you have good intentions—you can damage your relationship with customers and even your own staff.

That’s why you’ll never want to install security cameras with a clear view of areas like restrooms, locker rooms, or the inside of changing rooms. Whether the cameras are highly visible or not, people have an expectation of privacy in areas like these, and best practice is to respect that.

Tip #2: Avoid Clear Views of Others’ Property

You’ve probably seen something like this on TV: the cops are investigating some sort of crime. They’re stumped on how to proceed until someone’s gaze goes off across the street. The camera zooms in on a lonely security camera at the business across the street. The cops go inside and, sure enough, that camera captured just the footage they needed of the bad guy across the street.

Sounds great, right? Well, maybe on TV. In the real world, you can open yourself up to some liability and invasion of privacy concerns if your cameras are capturing too much information about someone else’s property. Avoid potential problems by following best practices and focusing your cameras on your property alone.

For Best Results, Consult with Expert Installers

To achieve the best results and to avoid these and other pitfalls, consult with expert installers when setting up your security cameras. Contact us today to set up a consultation.


Why Install Security Systems? Video Evidence

We’re continuing our series this week on the why of business security cameras. Here at Experience Audio Video we can talk all day about the what (which brands we offer, what features they have) and the how (expert installation from our experienced team). But we thought it’d be good to take some time to look at the why, too: why bother installing a security system at your business?

This week we’re looking at one of the most prevalent and perhaps obvious reasons to install business security cameras: video evidence.

Business Security Cameras Provide Video Evidence

One of the most important reasons to install business security cameras in your place of business is to have a video record of events that have transpired. There are numerous scenarios where you might want to have video evidence. Here are a few.

Video Record of Criminal Activity

First, a security camera system gives you a video record of any physical criminal activity that takes place in your business. Vandalism, robbery, theft, assault and more— you’ll have a video record of any visible criminal activity that takes place in view of your cameras.

Once the police get involved, your video footage of the event will prove helpful in moving forward.

Video Record of Suspects

Not only do you capture a video record of the criminal activity itself, you capture a video record of the people engaged in the activity. This, too, can be of tremendous use to law enforcement in establishing identities for suspects. It can also clear your own personnel of suspicion of wrongdoing or complicit behavior.

Video Record of Suspicious Behavior

Last, a quality security system can give you a video record of suspicious behavior. By catching suspicious behavior before it turns criminal, you can save yourself hassle and even loss down the road.


Reasons to Invest in Security Cameras: Visual Record of Injuries and Disputes

We’re back this week with another reason why it makes sense to invest in business security cameras. The team at Experience Audio Videowants to help you stay protected no matter what takes place in your business and on your property. With that in mind, let’s consider our next reason: having a visual record of injuries and disputes.

Accidents Happen…

Workplace injuries happen. Everyone wishes they wouldn’t, but they do. When they occur, you as a business leader want to have a visual record of what happened. You can use this to show compliance and due diligence, for starters.

Here’s another angle. Savvy businesses look for every opportunity to reduce danger in the workplace. Security cameras can help with this by helping you map problem spots and visualize choke points. Incident reports alone may help you with mapping, but they don’t speak to the reasons behind repeated incidents. Video footage can help.

…But Sometimes They Don’t Actually

On the other side of the coin, some “accidents” leading to workers comp claims never really happened in the first place. (Remember the guy who “slipped on some ice” in his workplace?)

Video evidence of an alleged accident (or lack thereof) helps protect your business from spurious claims.

Arguments Happen, Too

Workplace disputes are another area where security cameras can help. A disagreement over who failed to complete a critical task on the production line might be solved by looking at security footage, for example.

The same principle goes for interpersonal disputes and confrontations. Have you ever had an employee accuse another employee of stealing a personal possession at work? Encounters like these can escalate quickly. If you can defuse the situation using security footage, you could save a working relationship and avoid an HR escalation.

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