What to Do if Your Security Camera Footage Is Low Quality

From time to time, the team at Experience Audio Video meets a new client who is frustrated by their current business security camera setup. Clients in this category have already invested in both the infrastructure and equipment needed to create a security camera system for their business, but the results have been underwhelming, to put it mildly.

Does this sound familiar? If the footage you’re getting from your business security cameras is too low in quality for your purposes, try these solutions.

Solution 1: Adjust Your Lighting

One solution to low-quality footage is to adjust the lighting in the camera’s view. Most cameras will struggle with areas that are either too dark or that are exposed to too much light. If the problem with your footage is that it’s shadowy, try increasing the artificial light in the area. If the area is well lit and the footage is washed out, experiment with reducing lighting or introducing shade.

Solution 2: Upgrade to a Modern, High-Definition System

Absent a clear technical problem (like lighting), you may need to consider the age and quality of your system. The cameras you have in place may be too old, too cheap, or simply too low-resolution to capture the quality of footage you’re wanting.

If this is the case, your only real solution is to upgrade to modern, high-definition cameras. If it’s been a few years since you purchased your current cameras, you’ll be surprised at how far the technology has advanced.

Talk to a Professional to Learn More

Of course, there are a thousand other issues that could lead to low-quality footage, from setup and connection problems to storage. If you’re frustrated by your current experience, contact us today. We can diagnose what’s going on with your system and, if necessary, recommend the right products to accomplish your goals.


What to Look For in Business Security Cameras: Video Quality

This week on the Business Security Cameras of Orange County blog, we’re continuing our series on what to look for in business security cameras. Today’s post is all about the video itself. What’s the right level of video quality for your business? And what’s with the wide range of quality available?

Understanding Video Quality

We've all seen the kind of terrible, grainy security camera footage that makes the evening news on a regular basis. Why does it look the way that it does? It’s a combination of the quality of the camera itself and the quality or resolution of the video footage that was taken.

Some cameras, in an effort to save storage space, film at an exceptionally low frame rate, too. That’s what’s going on in footage that’s jumpy rather than smooth. It watches more like a series of photographs than a movie.

Today’s modern business security cameras are available in a wide range of resolutions and can record footage with smooth framerates. You can even get systems that film in 4K resolution if that’s what you deem best for your business.

If you’ve shopped for televisions lately, you know that the price of newer technologies like 4K has dropped significantly. We have seen similar effects in our industry, and you might be surprised at the quality your money can get you these days.

Choosing the Right Balance of Quality and Price

Choosing the right balance of quality and price is highly dependent on the nature of your business security camera needs and your business goals. In other words, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to which level of quality to choose. Our experienced sales team can help you navigate this decision making process with ease. Give us a call today to get started.


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