Here at Business Security Camera of Orange County we know that a lot of business owners already have cameras setup watching their employees and businesses. But during this tough time most businesses are shut down and the employees are working from home, which brings up more cyber fraud and hacking. 



Canadian Security has created a blog post, Cybersecurity for the home-based worker


“So now’s also the time to also send communications to employees reminding them about basic cyber hygiene best practices, including how to spot social engineering scams – unique to COVID-19 and otherwise – that may appear in inboxes as fraudulent emails, links, or attachments and what steps to take if they encounter one. I’d encourage companies to reach out weekly to their remote workforce with cyber education material and reminders on guidelines put in place to help them remain safe while remote.”


Some questions this post poses are:

  •     What should IT departments tell their employees about virtual work/cybersecurity at this time?
  •     Is home Wi-Fi secure enough to handle potentially sensitive workplace info?
  •     How can IT departments equip staffers for home work, especially on short notice or with limited resources?
  •     What are businesses doing if they are not currently set up for mobile work (i.e. using desktops or terminals vs. laptops)?


Can you answer those questions?



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Why You Should Consider Both Indoor and Outdoor Cameras for Your Business

If you already have indoor cameras in your business, you only halfway serve your workers and customers. Exterior cameras are equally important for keeping the perimeter of your business safe. Discover why your business needs both indoor and outdoor cameras, even if you work in a high rise or don't have direct street access.

Why You Need Interior Cameras

Interior cameras help with protecting your inventory from theft or to show evidence in case of criminal acts inside your store. You can even use security cameras to see if unauthorized persons enter forbidden areas.

These security cameras only cover half the space around your business. While most businesses have interior cameras, not enough consider the need for having outdoor cameras, too.

Why You Cannot Neglect Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras do more than just watch the door to your business. Of course, you want to see who comes and goes through your business's entry points, but you should also have cameras watching the parking lot and space outside your business.

For example, if your business has dumpsters behind the building, you should have cameras watching that area to keep workers who take trash out safer. Additionally, if criminals use the space around your dumpsters for their deeds, you can provide footage to the police as evidence.

If you have a parking lot, security cameras watching the area can provide information to law enforcement in case cars get broken into or people get assaulted. The cameras will make the area outside your business safer for both your workers and customers.

Get Started With Supplementing Your Company's Cameras Today

Get a quote today for indoor or outdoor security cameras from Business Security Cameras of Orange County by phoning us at (714) 744-4455. You can make your building safer inside and out for everyone who comes to your business.


How Security Cameras Protect Your Employees

As an employer, you need to provide your workers with a safe environment. However, in some cases, you can do everything possible and incidents still happen. Your workers could experience harassment or injuries. Whether other workers or customers caused the incident, you will face arguments. Security cameras could be the weapon you have to avoid serious problems in the aftermath of an incident.

Security Cameras and Employee Security

Unlike the individual statements from those involved in an incident, security cameras provide unbiased footage. If a customer accuses a worker of harassing them, you can replay footage from the security camera to support or dispute the claim.

Your workers should always know that they have cameras watching. These cameras will help to provide evidence in case a worker experiences a problem while on the job, whether wrongfully accused or not. By viewing the footage from the camera, you can see what really happened, and make an informed decision from that evidence.

Protect Your Company From Frivolous Lawsuits

By having security cameras on your property, you can avoid potential frivolous lawsuits caused by people faking injuries or harassment. Not everyone who comes to your business has legitimate dealings in mind. Some con artists will attempt to fake injuries or incidents with workers in an attempt to file lawsuits against your business. If you have security cameras, you can prove the veracity of their statements. If the camera showed that they faked the incident, you have grounds to press charges against them to the police.

Increase Your Business's Level of Security for Everyone

Have security cameras installed all-around your business. You will help to protect your workers and your company from false claims of accidents. Connect with us at Business Security Cameras of Orange County to get started on improving safety and security at your site. Phone our office at (714) 744-4455 to get started on improving security in your business.


How Security Cameras Can Prevent Crimes Through Their Presence

While sometimes you will want hidden security cameras in your business, but for some locations, you should have highly visible models. Security cameras can act as a deterrent by their presence in certain situations.

Evidence Supports Security Cameras

Security cameras by themselves are not the ideal when it comes to preventing crime on your property. Studies have shown that pairing security cameras with guards and other forms of crime prevention creates the most effective means of reducing incidents.

One area that only having security cameras without other supplemental means of preventing crime was in parking garages. Vehicular break-ins dropped after the installation of security cameras.

If you want to prevent crimes committed by your employees, make sure that they are aware of the cameras you have installed. By knowing that they are being recorded while at work, they may be less likely to steal from your company.

How to Effectively Use Security Cameras

In 2005, a study showed the most effective use of security cameras included using multiple cameras in a small space. The lighting around the cameras was a critical component. You must have cameras that can adjust to low-lighting situations while still giving a clear image or choose to add extra security lighting in the areas the cameras cover.

Protect Your Business

There is no better time to have security cameras professionally installed. Today's cameras offer clearer images than ever. Don't rely on cheap alternatives that you install yourself. The location and installation method will determine how effective the camera performs and deters crimes. Instead, contact us at Business Security Cameras of Orange County at (714) 744-4455. We have commercial-grade cameras and high-quality installation. Trust us to handle the placement of the cameras while you focus on protecting your business.


Do Your Supplies Grow Legs? A Security Camera Could Provide a Solution to Light-Fingered Workers

Have you noticed a discrepancy between your inventory and sales? Or maybe you have to buy office supplies much more frequently than you ever expected. These situations are common in all businesses, whether you run a school or a restaurant. If you suspect your supplies of growing legs and walking off your property, you need security cameras to keep an eye on your inventory.

Supply Room Security

Your supply room, whether it holds goods for your workers or stock for your shelves, typically only should be accessed by your employees. However, not all workers are consistently trustworthy. Or they may think one or two missing items don't constitute a crime. Regardless of the amount, stealing from an employer is still theft, and unless you have evidence of the crime, you cannot confront a worker with it.

The solution to this issue is installing security cameras in your stock rooms or supply spaces. Depending on the size of the space, you may need more than one camera to get full coverage. Any blind spots will be quickly exploited by savvy thieves. Multiple cameras prevent such blind areas.

When you have security footage from your stock room, you can use it as evidence for firing a worker or bringing charges against one, depending on what they stole. You won't want to charge someone for taking home a pen, but if a worker steals a computer or other expensive goods, you should take the matter to the police.

By controlling the theft of your supplies, you won't have to buy as much stock to replace the lost goods. Your investment in security cameras can repay itself in money saved from lowering your business's overhead.

Trust Our Professionals for Security Camera Coverage of Your Stock

If you decide to install security cameras in your stock room or supply area, contact us at Business Security Cameras of Orange County. Call us during business hours at (714) 744-4455 to get started on a quote for professional-grade, expertly installed cameras in your business.