Reasons to Invest in Security Cameras: Reduce Shrinkage and Loss

As we continue onward in our Business Security Cameras of Orange County blog series on reasons to invest in security cameras, we move on today to one of the biggest threats to your bottom line: shrinkage.

What Is Shrinkage?

Shrinkage is a nice retail euphemism for something that’s not nice at all: loss of product due to theft.

In any retail environment, some shrinkage is unavoidable. We all wish we lived in a world where people didn’t steal stuff, but that’s just not the way it works. If you have a retail presence of any size, you should expect some level of loss through shrinkage.

Where Does Shrinkage Occur?

The most obvious location for shrinkage is the sales floor. But the retail floor isn’t the only place where shrinkage occurs. In retail environments, the back end (think stock rooms, break rooms, and loading areas) is just as susceptible to shrinkage as the front.

In non-retail environments, shrinkage can still be a concern. Sure, it’s not the biggest deal if Sam in Marketing heads home with a few paperclips or a pen, but higher value items and certainly pieces of office technology or equipment can become large losses.

Business Security Cameras Reduce Shrinkage and Loss

Business security cameras can greatly reduce your levels of shrinkage and loss. As we’ve discussed n previous posts, security cameras work as deterrents. People are less likely to steal if they think they might get caught. Deploying some well-placed security cameras can greatly reduce people’s perceived opportunities to get away with theft. As a result, your shrinkage rates will drop.

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Reasons to Invest in Security Cameras: Monitor Secure Areas

This week on the Business Security Cameras of Orange County blog we’re again looking at reasons why businesses ought to invest in security cameras. In past weeks we’ve looked at a range of reasons, including creating visual deterrence, instilling peace of mind in customers and staff, reducing shrinkage and loss, and several others.

This week we’re back with another solid reason: business security cameras give you the ability to monitor secure areas—both after the fact and remotely.

Too Many Secure Areas, Not Enough Eyes

In every business, from retail to manufacturing to service, there are secure areas to be concerned with. In a retail store these include the cash registers, the back offices and break rooms, the safe, and potentially the stock room.

In most businesses, it’s just not feasible to keep eyes on all the secure areas at all times. But if no one’s looking, the chances of bad behavior greatly increase.

That’s why we recommend installing business security cameras in (or focused on) your business’s secure or sensitive areas. They will once again create a visual deterrence, causing people to think twice about doing something that could get them into trouble.

Sometimes the threat is internal: someone with access actually commits the offense. Security cameras and the footage they produce will give you a record of who was accessing the secure area when the offense took place, helping you to determine what happened.

Keep Tabs from a Distance

If your business has multiple properties or locations, then a business security system gives you another added bonus. With an internet-connected system, you can keep tabs on secure areas across multiple locations from a distance. Not only is this technology convenient, it can allow you to mobilize a response to threats in real time.


Reasons to Invest in Security Cameras: Liability and Insurance

We’re continuing on in our series on the whys of investing in security cameras. In previous weeks we’ve discussed some of the most obvious reasons: visual deterrence, peace of mind and video evidence. This week we’re moving on to another reason. It may not be as obvious, but it’s still one that we at Experience Audio Video have found to be important.

This week we’re looking at liability and insurance concerns.

First, a disclaimer: we aren’t insurance professionals, and we don’t sell insurance. We’re going to give you some general advice that we’ve found to be accurate in some cases, but talk with your business insurance agent for an authoritative word on these subjects.

Business Security Cameras May Reduce Your Liability

First, having business security cameras may reduce your liability. In situations involving a criminal act committed on your property, you’ll make your case much easier if you can produce video evidence that your staff members acted properly.

Perhaps even more significant, security camera footage can protect you from liability in dubious customer claims of injury or other harm. Every so often, a clip will go viral of someone perpetuating obvious injury fraud, like this New Jersey man who claimed to slip and fall on ice at his workplace.

With no video, the business could have been on the hook to pay for the man’s supposed rehabilitation. With the video, he was charged with fraud.

Business Security Cameras May Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

Another potential perk of installing business security cameras is a reduction in your insurance premiums. Auto and home insurance companies offer discounts for safety features like active alarm systems, because those features reduce the likelihood of a claim.

It’s the same for your business. The mere presence of business security cameras acts as a visual deterrence and can thus reduce the likelihood of a claim. Check with your insurance agent to find out whether you could realize a reduction in premiums in this way.


Why Install Security Systems? Peace of Mind

Last week we started a new series on the “why” of installing business security cameras here on the  Business Security Cameras of Orange County blog with a post about deterrence. We’re back this week with another reason that business security camera systems are a good idea. Today we’re talking about peace of mind, an intangible that’s worth quite a lot.

Peace of Mind Is Priceless

Can you put a price tag on peace of mind? In most businesses, you can’t. Have you ever driven to a business or restaurant for the first time, only to keep on driving because the area didn’t seem safe or the location looked run down? Most people have.

Now of course hopefully your business isn’t in a run-down part of town. But no matter where you’re located, you want your business to impart peace of mind to all who enter— both customers and employees.

Peace of Mind for Customers and Clients

Installing business security cameras increases peace of mind for customers and clients. It’s important for all who visit your business to feel physically safe while they are there. Seeing security cameras reassures customers and clients alike that you’re taking steps to minimize risk. Plus, they know that if something does happen, there will be evidence.

Peace of Mind for Employees

Your customers’ and clients’ peace of mind is essential. But don’t forget about your employees! Your team members are responsible for many facets of your business. Some of them are entrusted with valuable assets. All of them have valuables stored somewhere in the building.

Give your employees added peace of mind by installing business security cameras. They can breathe easier that their valuables and equipment will be kept safe, and that if not, there will be video evidence.


Reasons to Invest in Security Cameras: Deterrence

This week on the Business Security Cameras of Orange County blog, we’re launching a new series. We’re going back to a foundational question that’s important for anyone considering purchasing security cameras for their business. We’re going to examine the numerous reasons people have for investing in business security cameras.

Some of these reasons are foundational and perhaps a little obvious, but others may really surprise you.

We’re starting this week with one of the most prominent and significant reasons to invest in security cameras: deterrence.

Security Cameras Are a Visual Deterrent for Theft

It’d be great to live in a world where everyone cared so much about you and your business that they wouldn’t steal from you. But we don’t. There are people out there who don’t care one bit about you and the damage they could cause to your business by stealing from you.

But they do care about at least one thing: not getting caught. When you install security cameras in your place of business, they provide a visual deterrent. Some people who come in with the intent of stealing from you will see your security cameras and decide that the risk of getting caught is too high.

Security Cameras Are a Visual Deterrent for Other Behaviors

Theft is the most obvious scenario where security cameras act as a deterrent, but there are many others as well. Individuals considering vandalism, assault, harassment, stealing money and a host of other illegal or indecent behaviors will often reconsider if they see a security camera pointed their way. You can reduce unwanted behavior of all sorts by installing business security cameras in your facility.

Prevention Is Best

Preventing unwanted behavior or criminal activity from occurring in the first place is the best outcome you could hope for. Visible, strategically placed security cameras help to accomplish this.

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