What to Look For in Business Security Cameras: Weather Resistance

This week we finish up our four-part series on what to look for in business security cameras. Our final major area to consider is weather resistance. We’ll explain some of the terminology that’s used in this industry as well as some of the potential pitfalls to watch out for.

Understand Camera IP Ratings

When choosing outdoor business security cameras, you’ll usually see an IP rating number as a part of the sales materials. It’s important to understand what this rating means.

The IP in IP rating stands for “ingress protection.” It’s a measurement of how resistant a device will be to ingress (that is, intrusion) from water and dust. You’ll see ratings such as IP65 or IP67. These terms have recently hit the mainstream, as smartphone manufacturers have ditched the headphone jack and started to produce devices that can be highly water- and dust-resistant.

In general, the higher the number, the better. The first digit rates a device’s resistance to dust and solids, while the second digit rates water resistance. Generally 5 or 6 is sufficient for security cameras (able to withstand low pressure and high pressure jets of water, respectively).

If your camera is at high risk of serious water exposure, look for IP66 ratings. If your risk of water exposure is lower (say, a camera that’s under a roof overhang), IP65 will be sufficient.

Ask the Installation Team about Other Components

Of course, the camera itself is only one part of the system. Quality installers like those at Business Security Cameras of Orange County will sufficiently weatherproof the entire install. Watch out, because other installers like to take shortcuts. If you see your installer “weatherproofing” with electrical tape, that’s a huge red flag. Be sure to ask your installer what steps are taken to protect connection points and cable runs.


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