Temperature Screening Terminal

Are you worried to open your office back up due to the current pandemic? We have spoken a few times about the thermographic cameras that can capture temperature as someone is coming into the building. If you think that the normal thermographic cameras won’t work for your scenario you are in luck because Hikvision has a safe and accurate temperature detection for the door. 

Hikvision’s temperature screening terminal is an access control terminal integrated with high accuracy temperature screening and mask detection functions. It can measure skin-surface temperature and display it on a 7-inch touch screen. 

Hikvision’s highly accurate temperature screening terminal includes advanced temperature measurement, facial recognition access control, and mask detection. The screening distance is between .98 feet to 6.5 feet and takes about 0.5 seconds. With the screening terminal solution, it enables users to:

  •       Perform elevated skin-surface temperature screening with accuracy up to ± 0.9° F
  •       View temperature results on local screen for quick identification
  •       No need to set permissions, normal temperature can unlock the door
  •       Detect the absence of face mask, triggers voice alarm using built-in speaker to request mask for entry

This new product from Hikvision is ideal for your office building, hotel, transportation hubs, retailers, educational centers and warehouses. The terminal with facial recognition is equipped with a 2MP wide-angle, dual-lens and anti-spoofing feature – where an individual cannot be granted access by holding up a photograph. A 7-inch LCD touch screen could be installed for user interaction.

The features of both the terminal and monitoring tablet are:

  •     Thermographic temperature range: 86 to 113° F
  •     Smart – only screens skin surface of forehead
  •     Rapid temperature measurement mode: detects face, takes skin-surface temperature
  •     Triggers voice prompt when abnormal temperature detected
  •     7-inch LCD touch screen for easy programming and operation
  •     No mask alert: authentication entrance not allowed


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