Security Cameras

Have you been searching for the best commercial security cameras? There are thousands of different types of security cameras out there today. Because there are so many different security cameras it can be overwhelming to decide on which one would be best for your office, warehouse, or store front.

Since there are so many factors in choosing the perfect camera, you should probably know the main types of cameras.


Analog Cameras

Analog cameras are standard definition cameras. When you think of commercial cameras you generally think of analog cameras because these cameras are straightforward. Analog cameras record on to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). They also rely on composite wires for power and communication.

The benefits of analog security cameras are:

  •     Compatibility – With analog cameras you can mix and match different cameras. You can have analog and IP cameras connected to the same recording device.
  •     Lower cost because they are older technology

IP (Network) Cameras

IP or Network Cameras are newer and more advanced technology. IP cameras can be connected to a network using ethernet cables or they can be connected wirelessly. They can also capture images and/or video and compress the files to transmit over a network.

The benefits of IP security cameras are:

  •     Better network connection – they have encryption built right in making them have a secure network connection
  •     Remote monitoring apps
  •     Amazing video quality

To help you make a choice on which camera would be better for you give us a call and we will walk you through the process. 


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