Security Cameras in Small and Large Retailers

Are you looking for cameras for your small retail store or your large retail store? Business Security Cameras of Orange County can help you figure out how many cameras you need for any retail situation you are in. 

Hikvision has a comprehensive product list of security products that are aimed at protecting retailer profits. They have some specialty cameras that include; thermal, multi-imager, fisheye, mini multi-sensor and mini PTZs. 

Looking at Hikvision’s brochure, “Hikvision: Delivering Success in Today’s Retail Environment”, it gives key business data for marketing, operations, and loss prevention. Here are the  features that it lists:

  •     HikCentral CMS (Central Management System): Capable of managing video across multiple store locations 
  •     Customer Heat Mapping: Indicates high traffic areas for marketing optimization Line Queueing: Provides data for customer wait times, optimizing staff levels, and ensuring a high level of customer service 
  •     People Counting: Conversion data to assist operations in managing labor allocation at peak service times as well as maximizing upsell opportunities 
  •     Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration: Integrate in-store video with POS data for transaction verification and prevention of costly customer exceptions 
  •     Facial Recognition: Highly accurate facial recognition capable of identifying known criminals, trespassers or repeat shoplifters as well as providing frictionless access control for employees 
  •     Human/Vehicle Detection: Delivers extremely accurate alerts by eliminating motion sources other than humans or vehicles, depending on settings
  •     DarkFighter Technology: Provides clear images in low light conditions such as parking lots and dumpster areas 

Check out the link for more information on making sure your retail space is secure. 

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