Safer Hospitals During Coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus shutdown healthcare facilities have limited their operations. Hikvision has skin-surface temperature detection thermographic cameras that are highly accurate. The cameras can pre-screen and help hospitals and other healthcare facilities reduce risk, open and operate safely.

There maybe an uptick in patients due to the availability of testing. Because of that healthcare facilities and hospitals have an improved responsibility to ensure the safety of their staff and patients. Thermal cameras are easy-to-operate temperature detection cameras that you can safely use for advance screenings in hospitals, dental offices and other healthcare facilities. 

Temperature prescreening can be quickly done with Hikvision's thermographic cameras. The benefits of doing a temperature pre-screen before staff and patients come into the facility are:

  • Lessen Risk of Exposure
  • Extremely Safe - Contactless Measurement from a Distance
  • Instant One-Second Screening
  • Smart - Only Screens Human Skin Surface
  • Accurate up to ± 0.5 Degrees Fahrenheit with Blackbody Calibrator
  • Flexible, No-Wire for Simple installation

There are different types of temperature screenings that you can use for your establishment. Thermographic Cameras; handheld and mounted, Temperature screening terminal. 

Check out Hikvision’s brochure, Safer Hospitals with Instant, Accurate Temperature Screening Solutions. They talk about the different temperature screening devices you can use in your facility. If you are interested give us a call and we will set you up! 

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