Reasons to Invest in Security Cameras: Liability and Insurance

We’re continuing on in our series on the whys of investing in security cameras. In previous weeks we’ve discussed some of the most obvious reasons: visual deterrence, peace of mind and video evidence. This week we’re moving on to another reason. It may not be as obvious, but it’s still one that we at Experience Audio Video have found to be important.

This week we’re looking at liability and insurance concerns.

First, a disclaimer: we aren’t insurance professionals, and we don’t sell insurance. We’re going to give you some general advice that we’ve found to be accurate in some cases, but talk with your business insurance agent for an authoritative word on these subjects.

Business Security Cameras May Reduce Your Liability

First, having business security cameras may reduce your liability. In situations involving a criminal act committed on your property, you’ll make your case much easier if you can produce video evidence that your staff members acted properly.

Perhaps even more significant, security camera footage can protect you from liability in dubious customer claims of injury or other harm. Every so often, a clip will go viral of someone perpetuating obvious injury fraud, like this New Jersey man who claimed to slip and fall on ice at his workplace.

With no video, the business could have been on the hook to pay for the man’s supposed rehabilitation. With the video, he was charged with fraud.

Business Security Cameras May Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

Another potential perk of installing business security cameras is a reduction in your insurance premiums. Auto and home insurance companies offer discounts for safety features like active alarm systems, because those features reduce the likelihood of a claim.

It’s the same for your business. The mere presence of business security cameras acts as a visual deterrence and can thus reduce the likelihood of a claim. Check with your insurance agent to find out whether you could realize a reduction in premiums in this way.