Online Scammers

Due to the current pandemic most of us are working from home, including criminals and scammers. Criminals and scammers have been gradually more shameless since the stay-at-home orders have been put into effect. With popular television shows such as, “90 Day Fiancé,” “Catfish: The TV Show,” and others depict people being scammed by individuals online who are pretending to be someone they are not. Those scams are commonly known as phishing or catfish scams. These scams don’t just target and affect individuals, but businesses as well.


A lot of businesses, including law firms, have been targeted with false emails from people portraying themselves as the CEO of the business asking someone to “do them a favor” and buy gift cards or wire money. Most people know that these are scams, but there are some more complex scams. For example, scammers have registered domain names that appear to be very similar to a company’s domain name. 

What the scammers will do is add an extra character to the company’s domain name or trademark or make an easily made mistake. Such as substitute “nn” in the domain name to an “m” or change a “t” to an “f” and therefore create a false, but official looking domain name. Creating a domain name is not difficult or costly which is why these scams are rampant. 


There is a similar type of scam that involves the creation of a fake store that mimics the business. They will create a domain name using the business’ trademark and adding a descriptive term. By doing this creates a domain name that appears to be related to the business. 

After they do all of that then they purport to sell the business’ goods at a significantly discounted price to consumers. They will typically do this to steal a consumer’s credit card information or to sell poor quality knock-offs of the business’ goods.

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