How Security Cameras Can Prevent Crimes Through Their Presence

While sometimes you will want hidden security cameras in your business, but for some locations, you should have highly visible models. Security cameras can act as a deterrent by their presence in certain situations.

Evidence Supports Security Cameras

Security cameras by themselves are not the ideal when it comes to preventing crime on your property. Studies have shown that pairing security cameras with guards and other forms of crime prevention creates the most effective means of reducing incidents.

One area that only having security cameras without other supplemental means of preventing crime was in parking garages. Vehicular break-ins dropped after the installation of security cameras.

If you want to prevent crimes committed by your employees, make sure that they are aware of the cameras you have installed. By knowing that they are being recorded while at work, they may be less likely to steal from your company.

How to Effectively Use Security Cameras

In 2005, a study showed the most effective use of security cameras included using multiple cameras in a small space. The lighting around the cameras was a critical component. You must have cameras that can adjust to low-lighting situations while still giving a clear image or choose to add extra security lighting in the areas the cameras cover.

Protect Your Business

There is no better time to have security cameras professionally installed. Today's cameras offer clearer images than ever. Don't rely on cheap alternatives that you install yourself. The location and installation method will determine how effective the camera performs and deters crimes. Instead, contact us at Business Security Cameras of Orange County at (714) 744-4455. We have commercial-grade cameras and high-quality installation. Trust us to handle the placement of the cameras while you focus on protecting your business.