Temperature Screenings:Businesses

Due to the global pandemic that we faced with right now commercial building owners and managers are facing new challenges to reopen and operate their businesses, all the while protecting staff and visitors. Hikvision has easy to use and operate temperature detection cameras. These cameras can provide advanced screening, especially in high traffic areas such as entrances. 

Temperature pre-screening can be quickly done with Hikvision's thermographic cameras. The benefits of doing a temperature pre-screen before employees, visitors, customers, and vendors enter the building are:

  • Mitigate Risk of Exposure
  • Extremely Safe - Contactless Measurement from a Distance
  • Instant One-Second Screening
  • Smart - Only Screens Human Skin Surface
  • Accurate up to ± 0.5 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • with Blackbody Calibrator

There are different types of temperature screenings that you can use for your establishment. Thermographic Cameras; handheld and mounted, Temperature screening terminal. 



To ensure safety with ease of monitoring high-traffic areas Hikvision’s temperature screening cameras have advanced elevated skin-surface temperature screening technology that takes less than one second, offers contactless measurement from a distance and is highly accurate. Installation is easy with Hikvision’s tripod mounting, simple wiring system and rapid deployment solution.

Hikvision’s handheld wireless thermographic camera can be used in indoor entry or exit points. With Hikvision’s wireless temperature screening cameras you can use their Hik-Thermal app for real time viewing, reports and temperature measurement. The distance that the handheld wireless can get an accurate temperature is between 3.3 feet and 6.6 feet.

Hikvision’s all-in-one solution uses Hikvision’s DeepinMind NVR and provides added features: mask detection, screening results are easy to understand on a user-friendly display interface and you can search by pictures.


The priority of building management is to ensure that the health and safety of tenants and visitors is met. To support safe operations Hikvision is now offering access control with advanced skin-surface temperature screening. Meaning that if you aren’t wearing a mask and you are running a fever the door will not open for you. You must be wearing a mask and not running a fever to get into the building.

The temperature screening with access control has face recognition with built-in thermal cameras for temperature measurement. Also, real-time results and live notifications are displayed via video intercom technology.


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