If you’ve started your own business, you’ve surely experienced growing pains along the way. For many entrepreneurs, the decision to hire their first employee is a momentous one. The same goes for renting your first office space or opening your first retail location.

Another of these growing pains is the decision to upgrade your business security system from a single camera to a multi-camera system, as well as the decision to add cameras to your existing system.

At Business Security Cameras of Orange County, we’re happy to help you through these growing pains. Here are a few ways you can know it’s time to upgrade to a multi-camera system.

If You Have Multiple Entrances and Exits

If you’re a small operation with just one entrance and exit, then a single camera may be acceptable. But as your company grows, you’ll eventually move into a space that’s sufficiently complex to need multiple entrances and exits. At this point a single security camera just isn’t going to cut it. If you want to cover most or all the entrances and exits to your facility, you’ll need a multi-camera system. Whether that system is a traditional CCTV or a modern, internet-enabled system is up to you.

If You Have Multiple Spaces Containing Valuable Items

Another way to know it’s time to upgrade to a more robust system is if you have multiple spaces containing valuable items. A gas station may be able to get by with one camera, carefully positioned to cover both the door and the cash register area. But a more complex retail environment may need cameras at the front end to cover the cashiers as well as cameras in the back to cover the safe and the receiving area (where large amounts of product sometimes sit unattended).

If you’ve reached the point where you need to upgrade to a multi-camera system, let us help you through the process.


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