If you’re looking into available business security camera options to keep your business safe, Business Security Cameras of Orange County is here for you. In today’s blog post, we’re going to tackle a question that trips up our clients from time to time. What are the different zoom functions that are available in business security cameras, and how do they work?

There are two basic types of zoom: digital and optical.

Option 1: Digital Zoom

The first option, digital zoom, is a software-powered zoom that doesn’t require any mechanical (moving) parts on your security cameras. It works similar to the way your smartphone camera does. When you tell the camera to zoom, it magnifies the image in question.

This is helpful in many situations, but it has its limits. With digital zoom, the footage doesn’t get any clearer zoomed in. Sometimes it may even appear less clear when zoomed. That’s because the frames themselves don’t change. You’re just blowing up a part of those frames and making it full screen.

Digital zoom is better than no zoom, but it’s far inferior to optical.

Option 2: Optical Zoom

The second option, optical zoom, is hardware-powered. This means that you can only use optical zoom if your cameras have the necessary mechanics and lens built in. Optical zoom could be called a “true zoom”: when you tell the camera to zoom in, the optical lenses shift so that your intended object becomes both larger and clearer.

Cameras with optical zoom generally cost a little more than those without, but if your business would benefit from the added clarity that optical zoom brings, the benefit more than outweighs the cost.

Not Sure What You Need?

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