There’s been a recent trend on social media to post 360-degree videos. These unique videos let the watcher explore the recorder’s point of view by rotating their mobile device (or clicking and dragging on a desktop). It’s an intriguing form of producing and consuming content. These 360-degree videos can be created using specialized cameras or even stitched together using front and rear phone cameras.

But social media isn’t the only use case for 360-degree video. 360-degree cameras are also shaking up the business security camera space. Are 360-degree cameras right for your business? Here at Business Security Cameras of Orange County, we can help you decide.

360-Degree Cameras: Great Solutions for Large, Open Spaces

If you have large, open spaces as a part of your business (like a warehouse, distribution center, or even a large retail footprint like a Walmart), then a 360-degree camera may be a good choice. Because it can capture footage in every direction at once, a 360-degree security camera can do the work of multiple conventional cameras.

Software-Powered Visual Insights

Most 360-degree cameras use special fisheye lenses to capture images from seemingly every direction. These images would be hard (if not impossible) to read in their natural format, so 360-degree cameras also come with software that decodes the footage, turning it into something human eyes can handle.

Pan, Tilt, Zoom Options Available

Depending on the model of 360-degree camera, you may be able to pan, tilt, and zoom your camera remotely for a closer look at something specific. If this functionality is important to you, be sure to mention it during your free consultation.

Of course, this high-tech solution comes at a cost that may be higher than lower-quality, traditional systems. The right choice for you depends on plenty of factors, and we’re happy to help you determine what works best for you.


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