When the coronavirus pandemic started everything everywhere shut down. People were in a panic because they didn’t have all of the information. They thought that all of the stores were going to close. People that worked in the hospitality industry were laid off. People that worked in an office setting and were able to work from home did exactly that. Teachers had it hard as well, they had to figure out how they were going to teach their students with very little notice. 

Now there is uncertainty for the future. Businesses and the hospitality industry are getting the green light to open with certain measures in place. For example; wearing masks in public, temperature testing before you go into a business, washing your hands, and socially distancing.

If schools get to open for fall semester they are going to have the same general rules. Desks are going to have to be placed 6ft apart, there will be staggered pick up and drop off, closed common areas, additional transportation to increase spacing, limited nonessential visitors, temperature checks, and no extracurricular activities that require close contact. Teachers and the older students should also wear cloth face coverings, particularly when it is difficult to practice social distancing. 

Temperature prescreening can be quickly done with Hikvision’s thermographic cameras. The benefits of doing a temperature pre-screen before teachers, staff and children go into the school are:

  • Lessen Risk of Exposure
  • Extremely Safe – Contactless Measurement from a Distance
  • Instant One-Second Screening
  • Smart – Only Screens Human Skin Surface
  • Accurate up to ± 0.5 Degrees Fahrenheit with Blackbody Calibrator

There are different types of temperature screenings that you can use for your establishment. Thermographic Cameras; handheld and mounted, Temperature screening terminal. 

Check out Hikvision’s brochure, Safer Schools with Instant, Accurate Temperature Screening. They talk about the different temperature screening devices you can use in your facility. If you are interested give us a call and we will set you up! 


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