With Coronavirus everyone is trying to figure out the new normal of the world. Some think that in a blink of an eye it is going to go back to the way it was; masks will disappear, people will hug or shake hands with one another again, and friends will get to go out together again. Others think that this is the new normal; masks will stay, no one will hug, handshakes will permanently be fist or elbow bumps, and we will still stay 6ft and not go out with our friends.

The hospitality industry has faced a lot of challenges the last few months due to coronavirus. They were shut down for months and no one knew what was going to happen. A lot of businesses have had to close their doors for good. Now they are starting to reopen, and they are going to be facing a whole new set of challenges. 

The CDC has been giving out recommendations for reopening businesses and a lot of governors have also set up strict guidelines for the reopening of businesses. In order to protect hospitality workers, guests, visitors, and vendors CDC recommends temperature screening before entry into establishments. Hikvision worked hard to come up with a temperature detection camera that can provide advanced screening. Their camera can quickly pre-screen everyone before they enter. 

There are different types of temperature screenings that you can use for your establishment. Thermographic Cameras; handheld and mounted, Temperature screening terminal. 

Check out Hikvision’s brochure, Safely Resume Hospitality & Welcome Guests: Reduce Risk and Protect People with Instant, Accurate Temperature Screening Solutions. They talk about the different temperature screening devices you can use in your facility. If you are interested give us a call and we will set you up! 


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