We’re back this week with another reason why it makes sense to invest in business security cameras. The team at Experience Audio Videowants to help you stay protected no matter what takes place in your business and on your property. With that in mind, let’s consider our next reason: having a visual record of injuries and disputes.

Accidents Happen…

Workplace injuries happen. Everyone wishes they wouldn’t, but they do. When they occur, you as a business leader want to have a visual record of what happened. You can use this to show compliance and due diligence, for starters.

Here’s another angle. Savvy businesses look for every opportunity to reduce danger in the workplace. Security cameras can help with this by helping you map problem spots and visualize choke points. Incident reports alone may help you with mapping, but they don’t speak to the reasons behind repeated incidents. Video footage can help.

…But Sometimes They Don’t Actually

On the other side of the coin, some “accidents” leading to workers comp claims never really happened in the first place. (Remember the guy who “slipped on some ice” in his workplace?)

Video evidence of an alleged accident (or lack thereof) helps protect your business from spurious claims.

Arguments Happen, Too

Workplace disputes are another area where security cameras can help. A disagreement over who failed to complete a critical task on the production line might be solved by looking at security footage, for example.

The same principle goes for interpersonal disputes and confrontations. Have you ever had an employee accuse another employee of stealing a personal possession at work? Encounters like these can escalate quickly. If you can defuse the situation using security footage, you could save a working relationship and avoid an HR escalation.

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