As we continue onward in our Business Security Cameras of Orange County blog series on reasons to invest in security cameras, we move on today to one of the biggest threats to your bottom line: shrinkage.

What Is Shrinkage?

Shrinkage is a nice retail euphemism for something that’s not nice at all: loss of product due to theft.

In any retail environment, some shrinkage is unavoidable. We all wish we lived in a world where people didn’t steal stuff, but that’s just not the way it works. If you have a retail presence of any size, you should expect some level of loss through shrinkage.

Where Does Shrinkage Occur?

The most obvious location for shrinkage is the sales floor. But the retail floor isn’t the only place where shrinkage occurs. In retail environments, the back end (think stock rooms, break rooms, and loading areas) is just as susceptible to shrinkage as the front.

In non-retail environments, shrinkage can still be a concern. Sure, it’s not the biggest deal if Sam in Marketing heads home with a few paperclips or a pen, but higher value items and certainly pieces of office technology or equipment can become large losses.

Business Security Cameras Reduce Shrinkage and Loss

Business security cameras can greatly reduce your levels of shrinkage and loss. As we’ve discussed n previous posts, security cameras work as deterrents. People are less likely to steal if they think they might get caught. Deploying some well-placed security cameras can greatly reduce people’s perceived opportunities to get away with theft. As a result, your shrinkage rates will drop.

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