If you already have indoor cameras in your business, you only halfway serve your workers and customers. Exterior cameras are equally important for keeping the perimeter of your business safe. Discover why your business needs both indoor and outdoor cameras, even if you work in a high rise or don’t have direct street access.

Why You Need Interior Cameras

Interior cameras help with protecting your inventory from theft or to show evidence in case of criminal acts inside your store. You can even use security cameras to see if unauthorized persons enter forbidden areas.

These security cameras only cover half the space around your business. While most businesses have interior cameras, not enough consider the need for having outdoor cameras, too.

Why You Cannot Neglect Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras do more than just watch the door to your business. Of course, you want to see who comes and goes through your business’s entry points, but you should also have cameras watching the parking lot and space outside your business.

For example, if your business has dumpsters behind the building, you should have cameras watching that area to keep workers who take trash out safer. Additionally, if criminals use the space around your dumpsters for their deeds, you can provide footage to the police as evidence.

If you have a parking lot, security cameras watching the area can provide information to law enforcement in case cars get broken into or people get assaulted. The cameras will make the area outside your business safer for both your workers and customers.

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