Have you noticed a discrepancy between your inventory and sales? Or maybe you have to buy office supplies much more frequently than you ever expected. These situations are common in all businesses, whether you run a school or a restaurant. If you suspect your supplies of growing legs and walking off your property, you need security cameras to keep an eye on your inventory.

Supply Room Security

Your supply room, whether it holds goods for your workers or stock for your shelves, typically only should be accessed by your employees. However, not all workers are consistently trustworthy. Or they may think one or two missing items don’t constitute a crime. Regardless of the amount, stealing from an employer is still theft, and unless you have evidence of the crime, you cannot confront a worker with it.

The solution to this issue is installing security cameras in your stock rooms or supply spaces. Depending on the size of the space, you may need more than one camera to get full coverage. Any blind spots will be quickly exploited by savvy thieves. Multiple cameras prevent such blind areas.

When you have security footage from your stock room, you can use it as evidence for firing a worker or bringing charges against one, depending on what they stole. You won’t want to charge someone for taking home a pen, but if a worker steals a computer or other expensive goods, you should take the matter to the police.

By controlling the theft of your supplies, you won’t have to buy as much stock to replace the lost goods. Your investment in security cameras can repay itself in money saved from lowering your business’s overhead.

Trust Our Professionals for Security Camera Coverage of Your Stock

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