We live in the age of smart technology. Everything seems to come in a smart variant these days: smart refrigerators, smart lightbulbs, and yes, even smart security cameras.

But what does it mean exactly for a device like a security camera to be “smart”? And is it possible to connect your business security cameras to a smart assistant, like Siri or Google or Alexa?

The team at Experience Audio Video understands technology, smart and otherwise. So in today’s blog post we’re going to break down the basics of connecting your business security cameras to a smart assistant.

Why Connect Business Security Cameras to a Smart Assistant?

First off, let’s talk about why you might want to connect business security cameras to a smart assistant. Ease and availability of use are top on the list. With your cameras connected to a smart assistant, you can give your cameras basic commands from a remote device like your phone. You may even be able to control your cameras with your voice!

This makes especially good sense if you’re already embracing smart technology in other areas. If you’re controlling your lights, music and HVAC from your tablet, why not access your security feeds as well?

To Use Smart Tech, You Need the Right Cameras

First off, your cameras aren’t going to interface with a smart assistant without certain capabilities. At minimum, they need to be internet connected (or feed into a system that is). Best case scenario is installing business security cameras that are designed with smart features built right in. Cameras like these will be the easiest to integrate with your smart assistant.

Specific Details Vary, But We Can Help

The specific details of how to connect each brand of security camera to each smart assistant are going to vary, and it’d be impossible to outline every possibility here. But the good news is we can help you in person! Schedule a consult today, and we’ll help you understand what steps to take to connect your system to your smart assistant.